Rayoung Chemtech Inc was established in 2008 in Taipei, Taiwan. In order to well serve the customers in Greater China, we established Hangzhou Rayoung Trading Co., Ltd. at the end of 2009. Appreciating a group of experienced and healthy financial background stock holders, Rayoung has the credible supports from the back. With the culture of enthusiastic and motivate, our vision is to be the top marketing platform in the special chemical field of Asia. In order to help the customers to not only improve the materials performance in the formula but also strengthen the product competitiveness in the market, Rayoung integrates the resource from upstream and downstream. In 2016, Rayoung even started its own formulation research and manufacture in Specialty Chemicals field.

Brand-marketing , Formula Solution and the Best Partner

Based on the effective operation management, smart business strategies, finance and technical talents, Rayoung can build efficient marketing plans for each targeted product. On the other side of the coin, with energetic employees, strict execution discipline, well equipped laboratory, warehouse and plant, currently Rayoung as the cooperated and designated agent has already have several well known partners, including the global enterprises and even some famous listed companies in stock market. Meanwhile, Rayoung draws more of our attention on creative, effective, value added services concepts and contributes to supply formulated products and full package solutions, which support customers obtain the successful finalized products and gain the mutual beneficiaries.

Team and culture

Rayoung has team members with enthusiasm and commission. The company is driven to cooperate with excellent suppliers, bring the outstanding products and innovations into the market for kinds of applications and contribute to the progress of human society. Rayoung welcomes the people to join us with the same dream and step into cheerful career life all together.